the damage


Hail damage can be spotted on soft roof metals, but are harder to find on the shingles to the untrained eye.

Missing shingles are the first obvious sign of damage to your roof.


It is very typical with damages of these types to not see obvious leaking from the inside of your home today. It does not mean that it is not going to or that it wont fail, but rather damages of these types can take up to two years to make themselves evident. These types of damages require an active storm date in order to file a claim, the windows for these dates are set and monitored by insurance companies. In our industry it is understood that based on the type of damage and the age of the products on your home that your coverages should be intact but must be identified in a timely manner. By contacting VJ's today for your no obligation inspection we can ensure that the greatest majority of repairs necessary, if found, can be covered through the claims process.